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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dear Princess...

Dear Princess,

I'm sorry that your boyfriend feels that way. You need to sit down with him and calmy explain to him that you are not cheating on him. But you also need to hear him out and look at it from his point of view. Does he have a good reason to believe this? He may just not want to lose you. If he still doesn't believe you, I am sorry. You two will probably break up because after all, no relationship can last without trust.

please let me know how things turn out.

this blog is about...


This is my first time making a blog so bare with me. um...I decided to make this blog about giving advice. (Oh and don't worry because I'm great with giving advice). If you don't know how that goes I'll help you out: you will comment on this post and you let me know your problem. Please don't sign your real name for your sake because other people will be able to see what you wrote. I will answer your problem by posting another blog. So after you write me your problem keep checking in to see if I have responded. Um... I will be updating this blog as time goes by so don't be suprized if things look different from time to time. (By updating I mean adding pictures and stuff to make it look better). Oh and by the way, just incase you didn't get it the first time: You have to press where it says #comments and then leave me ur problem and sign some sort of name, preferrably not your real one, as mentioned above. Then you will get your response in a different post. My most recent posts are at the top of the screen.

I guess all that's left to say is: if you have a problem, I'll try my best to solve it.


(I am just going to warn you now, if you press next blog it may not be mine, I did and it brought me to a blog with pictures of some people who looked like they were at a party,so I just thought that you should know that if you came to see my blog and my blog only, don't press next blog.)